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Dec 27, 2017

From the very first podcast with Moose and a microphone, to the high-mileage craziness of the Long Road To Brewin', and from the initial Youtube playlist shows through to the Primordial pub quizzes and ACTUALLY LAUNCHING OUR OWN RADIO STATION, 2017 has been a bit of a trip.

This week on the podcast Moose, Dews & Pete look back on some of their personal highlights and thoughts on the past (and first) year of Primordial Radio.

Dec 21, 2017

This podcast was recorded on the anniversary of the very first Primordial Radio Facebook post, when we announced our existence to the world. At the time we were nothing but a vague plan, a bunch of ideas and a LOT of gin.

This week, Moose & Dews reflect on some of the achievements of the past year. From the demise of our previous employer, through the very first embryonic stages of development, to the Long Road to Brewin', possibly the most fun thing we've done so far.

Beyond that, there was the Seedrs crowdfunding bid, launching their own beer, an huge quantities of t-shirts. Through it all though, the guys try to appreciate the most important people in the entire Primordial equation: the PRFam.

Dec 14, 2017

Primordial Radio has thrown up it's fair share of issues so far, but one that was totally unexpected was the issue of the guys working from home. It can be a lonely old time, spending all day in your home office. This week, the guys had the importance of friendship made clear to them by getting together for Xmas drinks.

There's also the latest news on our Stormbender bluetooth speakers, and news of the last merch posting date before Xmas.

Dec 7, 2017

This week finds Moose & Dews in a reflective mood, as they talk about the unforeseen difficulties that have come about simply down to the way Primordial Radio is structured.

There's also talk of grilled cheese, and how it relates to the whole soup van idea, as well as a look at the priorities for the year ahead.

Nov 30, 2017

It's been a tough week in the Primordial camp, with fires springing up all over the place.

In this episode Moose & Dews talk honestly about their experiences of the past week, as well as how we can move onwards and upwards.

Nov 23, 2017

"Hey guys, should we do a live podcast, in front of 160-odd of our closest buddies, after a bunch of beers?"

The answer was apparently yes.

This episode was recorded live at the Ogri MCC clubhouse at the Primordial Radio Big Bang. We had an awesome night, and thank you to everyone who came, saw, drank and conquered.

Moose, Pete and Dews have a slightly drunken ramble through the very recent history of Primordial, as well as answering a few live questions from the audience.

Nov 15, 2017

This week Moose & Pete Bailey get all occult, as they discuss the dark arts. Marketing, to be precise. Primordial Radio hasn't done a great deal of it so far, but we definitely need to.

There's also the latest news on our forthcoming apps, as well as an interesting conversation about the word 'fuck'.

Nov 9, 2017

This week sees Moose and Dews bringing news! Of weekend shows! And speakers!

There's the details of what to expect from next week, as we expand our programming to include weekends, and also the specifics of how and when the 'Stormbender' bluetooth speakers will be available.

There's also an in-depth conversation on how the Primordial guys get paid. Investors will have had this information before, but to remove any doubt, it's all here in metaphorical black and white.

Nov 2, 2017

This week features Dewsbury, his old mate JRock, and a healthy amount of gin. The whole idea was "let's have a drink and see where we go..."

Oct 26, 2017

There haven't been many drastic developments tech-wise over the last few days, meaning that if this was just a standard podcast it would be very similar to last week. To try and avoid sounding like a broken record, Moose & Dews asked the #prfam for questions.

Contained herein are questions and answers ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. You want to know the 5-year business plan or whether more shares will be available? Cool. You want to know which cartoon characters Dewsbury fancies, or what tactic you should adopt when faced with an angry Moose? That's covered too.

*ALSO FEATURING* Several soap-box moments, many insults, and the full behind-the-scenes story of why Dews continually hates on 'Empire Of The Clouds'...

**Editor's note** This is my favourite Primordial podcast to date. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it /Dews

Oct 18, 2017

It has been a... challenging launch season for Primordialpersons. Since the official launch a couple of weeks ago, many technical gremlins have reared their heads. This week Moose & Dews discuss the latest one; a potential cyber-attack on the new website server, and the issues this is causing. Their never-say-die attitude prevails though, as they look to the future with the latest update on the bluetooth speaker STORMBENDER!

Oh, and Dews demonstrates precisely why he never considered a career as a rapper. Seriously. It's awful.

Oct 12, 2017

*sniff sniff*

Smell that? It's the smell of many metaphorical fires that the guys have struggled to put out over this last week. They're not all out yet, but they're getting there.

This week, Moose & Dews discuss the ongoing technical improvements behind-the-scenes, with both the website and the app. There's the latest update on the Primordial Radio Big Bang, and a big discussion on memberships and how the #prfam are the key to the future.

Dews also has a man in to fix his hole.

Oct 5, 2017

It's been a hell of a week for Primordial Radio. In this episode Moose & Dews look back at the launch of their beer - Primordial Süp - in Aberdeen and the launch of the radio station in York. They also discuss the unforeseen technical challenges the station has faced in the last few days, and how they can put them right.

There's also news of the Primordial Radio Big Bang, the bluetooth speaker, an inappropriate slogan and the first appearance of Bailey's Bum Nuggets! Eww.

Sep 28, 2017

This week the focus is the upcoming launch of Primordial Radio, with Moose & Dews talking about their hopes and fears for the next few months. There's also advance notice of the next batch of Primordial merch; T-SHIRTS! XMAS JUMPERS! SPEAKERS! SQUID BISCUITS! And yes, you read that last one correctly...

Sep 21, 2017

The latest Primordial podcast sees Dewsbury returning from his holiday with a fresh outlook, a renewed sense of perspective and a deep dislike of Facebook. Seriously, he gets a bit ranty in this one. All Moose asked is "how are you?"...

There's also news on the soup van, Bo Squiddley, Primordial-endorsed explosions, plans for the upcoming Aberdeen launch of Primordial Süp, and the OFFICIAL launch of Primordial Radio, happening in York on Sat Sept 30th.

Oh, and grilled cheese sandwiches. They're the best.

Sep 14, 2017

Hello and welcome to another enthralling edition of the Primordial Radio Podcast. 

This week Moose is flying solo to chat about the tyre fires of social media, the importance of eventually developing "My Primordial" and there's an update on the soup van... 

Sep 7, 2017

Whilst Dewsbury is away frolicking his fragilities in Italy, Moose and Pete have a catch-up.  

They talk about getting ready for the official launch of Primordial Radio on the 30th September, what you can expect from the app & website upon launch, Moose's excitement at the prospect of online "project management" tools and the awesomeness of Bo Squiddly and the relay!

Aug 31, 2017

This latest podcast starts with a pretty poor interpretation of Shakespeare, and goes downhill from there, as Moose & Dewsbury bumble along with more skull-related content than ever before.

There's a look back at the latest Primordial pub quiz, news on the hotly-anticipated Primordial bluetooth speaker, and the latest news on the plans for the official launch of Primordial Radio.

There's also talk of membership, news of the ongoing soup van saga, and the irony of taking advice from "experts" becomes clear.

Aug 24, 2017

As a business, it helps if you've actually got a coherent plan in place of what you're selling and when. In the latest podcast Moose & Dews discuss their distinct lack of a plan to date.

It's definitely not all serious stuff though, as they come up with a "great" idea for an "audio companion"*, the idea for Dewsbury's "Fear & Sex" podcast arises** and there's an initial idea for the official launch of Primordial Radio which will involve many miles, many beers, and possibly YOUR living room!


*Which is precisely as awful as it sounds.

**Which is far WORSE than it sounds***


***And it sounds like the worst thing imaginable.

Aug 17, 2017

In this weeks' episode, Moose & Dews get down to brass tacks and discuss The Bottom Line. Seriously, if we don't draw in x amount in advertising/sponsorship, we're fucked. If we don't get x number of members, we're fucked. Most of this seems to come as a surprise to one half of the undynamic duo. Guess which half...?

There's also talk of Bloodstock, cephalopod hats, the upcoming Primordial pub quiz IV, Primordial Süp AND Moose exposing himself in public. Again.

Aug 10, 2017

Selling beer to pubs is hard. Like, REALLY hard. Turns out that even putting an event on is hard. You'd have thought that the promise of a full bar & beer sales aplenty would be enough to win even the most cynical of bar managers, but that appears to not be the case, as our heroes are discovering.

This week there's talk of rejections, but signs of a lifeline. There's also much discussion beer, Bloodstock and the latest on some Very. Cool. Merch.

Dews also talks to himself, but hey, what's new there...

Aug 3, 2017

Having managed an entire week without their radio station falling off-air, Moose & Dews heed the old Army adage "Never reinforce failure" and take a look at some of the things in the Primordial world that aren't going as well as hoped, and consider what needs to change.

There's also ideas on the the Primordial AGM and the ongoing t-shirt preorder, as well as news on the possibility of cans of Primordial Süp!

Jul 27, 2017

Moose & Dews explain why & how the Primordial test stream was off-air for 16 hours, and discuss ideas to prevent it happening again. There's also news of the latest addition to the team, and an idea for the next Primordial pub quiz.

Jul 26, 2017

In which our heroic podcast editor has a drink, and quickly runs out of many things, including energy, motivation, and f*cks.

Stay tuned for more updates...

Jul 20, 2017

In this latest episode of the podcast, Moose & Dews bring you the latest update on all things Primordial, including membership, merch and some initial ideas for the Primordial AGM.

They also share a few thoughts on the recent launch of Primordial Süp, in which they - along with the #PRFam - managed to drink THREE kegs of delicious Süp in TWO hours! That explains the hangovers...

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